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MORRO BAY, Calif. – During construction at The Inn at Morro Bay on State Park Road, a sewer main was damaged releasing an estimated 7,600 gallons of untreated sewage into Morro Bay Harbor Sunday.

The untreated sewage spilled onto the property and then into a storm drain which flowed into Morro Bay explained Peter Hague, Director of Environmental Health Services for the County of San Luis Obispo Monday morning.

Hague further explained that while sewage is no longer being released, repairs have not been completed because the damaged sewer pipe is on California State Park’s property with indigenous people’s cultural resources so repair crews are waiting on an archeological assessment of the site.

Signs have been posted at public access points north and south of the direct outflow warning people of the spill and danger from swimming in the area explained the San Luis Obispo County Health Department.

According to the health department, water samples were collected this morning to test for elevated levels of bacteria, but those results won’t be received until Tuesday, and affected beaches will remain closed until bacteria levels are confirmed to be safe.

Beachgoers are advised to avoid contact with ocean water within 50 yards of an outflow source.

The featured image of this article shows the approximate location of that outflow into Morro Bay.

Contact with elevated bacterial content in ocean water can cause rashes, fever, chills, ear infections, vomiting, and diarrhea shared the San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department in a press release about the sewage spill on Monday.

Those with compromised immune systems, young children, and older adults are particularly vulnerable explained the County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department.

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