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NIPOMO, Calif. – The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors kicked off a two-day hearing Tuesday morning to discuss and decide the fate of the much-debated Dana Reserve housing development in Nipomo.

The proposed project is a 288-acre master-planned community with up to 1,370 residential units, 110,000-203,000 square feet of commercial and non-residential (Visitor Serving/Hotel, Education) floor area, a minimum of 55.6 acres of open space and 6.3 acres of recreation, and related circulation and infrastructure.

The project site is located on a highly visible 288 acre piece of property adjacent to Highway 101, on the westside of the freeway, just south Willow Road. The property is passed by thousands of vehicles daily traveling on Highway 101 and is located about one mile north of Tefft Street, the main commercial corridor of Nipomo.

Since it was first proposed four years ago by local developer Nick Tompkins, the project has generated a significant amount of discussion in the Nipomo area, particularly due to the potential impacts it may create to both the community and environment.

Over the past four years, several members of the community have formed a grassroots group called the Nipomo Action Committee, to develop an organized effort to oppose the project.

The group has been highly visible and vocal with its opposition, posting signage throughout the community, while also regularly holding meetings and events to spread their messaging to the public.

Tomkins, a Nipomo native, has long said the project will bring much-needed housing not only to Nipomo, but also San Luis Obispo County, and also pointed out the project will help the county meet a portion of its County Regional Housing Needs allocation.

The highly visible project site is located adjacent to Highway 101 on the westside of the freeway, just south Willow Road.

If built, it would be the biggest new development in the Nipomo area since The Woodlands (now known as Trilogy) was approved by county supervisors in 1998.

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