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VENTURA, Calif.-When Skull & Roses returns to the Ventura County Fairgrounds this April, bands will play outside the grandstand area.

The reconfigured site will allow people to enjoy more space at the fairgrounds that will be filled with music and things to do.

The Grateful Dead’s longtime publicist Dennis McNally is always impressed by the growing number of fans who continue to follow the band’s legendary music.

McNally said the the Grateful Dead played at the Ventura County Fairgrounds 11 times between 1982 and 1987.

Some of the people that went to those concerts, by the beach, are likely to return with people who weren’t even born yet.

McNally wrote a book about his time with the band entitled “A Long Strange Trip.”

He is looking forward to sharing stories at this year’s event.

“From April 19th to the 21st Deadheads will gather, dance and have about as much fun as they possibly can. It is amazing that Jerry passed 30 years ago, just about, and the scene has thrived and in fact grown,” said McNally, “And in the words of the old gospel song ‘we shall all get together forever and ever when we make it to the promise land.'”

Last year the Grateful Dead’s bassist Phil Lesh & Friends jammed during Saturday night’s show.

This year Skull & Roses features Dark Star Orchestra, Sage & Spirits, The Golden Gate Wingmen and more.

They will all be interpreting Grateful Dead music.

There is also a Kickoff Party Jam on the April 18.

Once again, there will be theme nights including Lunar New Year, New Year’s Eve and Mardi Gras

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