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SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – The Grand Kyiv Ballet is coming to San Luis Obispo for one night for their performance of the timeless ballet masterpiece, Giselle.

Not only are couple and principal dancers Kateryna Kukhar and Alex Stoianov resilient on stage, but also off the stage.

The couple was continents away from their two kids when the war in Ukraine broke out – making Seattle their temporary home right now.

During the first few months after the war in Ukraine broke out, the couple helped evacuate more than 300 ballet dancers and their families from ukraine, both students and working artists.

This showcased not only their love for their country, but their love for other dancers.

When it comes to their performance of ‘Giselle,’ their chemistry is seen on stage and off the stage.

“All patrons who, will come to the performance, can, take with them, like piece of our, culture, piece of our heart and piece of our soul,” said dancer Kateryna Kukhar.

“Yes. Because, when you came to the theater, it’s like, like a church. You bring all your heavy things and your shoulders and all your problem,” added dancer, Alex Stoianov. “And when you, so beautiful ballet movements and beautiful classical music, your soul, your mind, like, a little bit get air and purified.”

The show is happening Saturday, April 13th at the Performing Arts Center in San Luis Obispo.

For tickets, you can head over to the center’s official page.

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