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SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. – The Los Padres National Forest has scheduled a controlled burn for Camino Cielo with a time window starting in March and lasting throughout the spring.

This burn will hopefully reduce wildfire risk and hazardous fuels for better access to firefighting units when needed.

Changing winds and weather make it difficult to predict which areas of the county may be most affected by smoke from the burn.

Officials said precautions must be taken if you smell smoke and limiting outdoor activities will reduce risk of harmful health effects, and that drivers should also be aware of prescribed burning areas due to lack of visibility.

Efforts to remain indoors are also strongly advised if one smells smoke, especially small children, older adults and those with preexisting lung and heart conditions.

These types of planned fires are typically less intense than wildfires and can help prevent their spread.

About 450 acres will be burnt in segments of 15-35 acres each and media advisories will be issued weekly throughout the spring when potential burning might occur.

For an interactive map on where burns might occur, click here and for more on the county’s air quality, click here.

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