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* WHAT…Dangerous rip currents and large breaking waves peaking
at 12 to 18 feet. Moderate coastal flooding of vulnerable west
facing beach areas.

* WHERE…San Luis Obispo County Beaches and Santa Barbara
County Central Coast Beaches.

* WHEN…From noon today to noon PST Friday. Largest surf and
coastal flood risk on Thursday.

* IMPACTS…Rip currents can pull swimmers and surfers out to sea.
Large breaking waves can cause injury, wash people off beaches
and rocks, and capsize small boats near shore. Flooding of sea
water is likely, around the time of high tide, over vulnerable
low-lying coastal areas such as beaches, parking lots, walkways,
and roads. There is a low but non-zero chance of localized

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS…High tides occur each morning between 7am
and 9am, peaking around 7.5 feet.