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PISMO BEACH, Calif. — The gloomy clouds and scattered showers Saturday did not keep spring breakers away from Pismo Beach.

People say Pismo is a local and tourist favorite. Some come to enjoy the clam chowder cafe’s, others come for the waves and many people come to enjoy the scenery with family and friends.

Derrick Nunes from Tulare, California was visiting Pismo Beach to surf and enjoy birthday celebrations. He says he comes four times a year to enjoy the beach and breweries.

“There’s tons of things that we do. Usually we really enjoy the social environment around here, some of the breweries, some of the bars and stuff. And then of course, if you’re able to get out in the water and on the beach, it’s always great too,” said Nunes.

He said he did see the rain in the forecast but it wasn’t going to ruin his trip.

Aiden Eoff and Julie Larkin traveled from Bakersfield to spend spring break in Pismo. Larkin said they checked the forecast before hitting the road.

“It wasn’t super bad because it was just sprinkling. But I did see like on the weather that it’s going to be raining a little bit. We aren’t really getting in the water today, we’re kind of just hanging out,” said Larkin.

Eoff and Larkin are visiting with family they said they visit a few times a year and although it was a gloomy day they were making the best out of it.

“I was just here last week and it was pretty, I’d say like warm, like it wasn’t like this. I did expect it to be a little bit warmer. You know, it’s still pretty good. It’s supposed to clear up a little bit later,” said Larkin.

The aside from the cold breeze, the boardwalk and pier were filled with people enjoying the day, many still in the water.

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