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WASHINGTON, D.C.– On Saturday, President Biden signed a package of spending bills into law that includes almost $14 million for projects throughout the Central Coast region.

According to press releases issued about the spending deal from the offices of Congressman Salud Carbajal and Senator Alex Padilla, the funding covers multiple projects previously requested by both members.

Nationally, Sunday’s appropriations package can be broken down into funding for six sectors of the federal government through Fiscal Year 2024:

Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and related agencies

Commerce, Justice, Science, and related agencies

Energy and Water Development

Interior, Environment, and related agencies

Military Construction, Veteran’s Affairs, and related agencies

Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and related agencies

Below is details about exactly how funds will be distributed across the Central Coast region.

Santa Barbara County:

$1 million to fund the construction of the County of Santa Barbara and Sanctuary Center’s 34-apartment and neighborhood clinic project. The project will double the number of individuals Sanctuary Centers can help and improve the specialized assistance for those that require around-the-clock care

“[T]he construction of 34 units of affordable housing is a beacon of hope for Santa Barbara County,” said Sanctuary Centers President and CEO Barry Schoer. “This funding will have a profound impact on residents with mental illness who wish to live independently while receiving supportive behavioral health services.” 

$963,000 for the improvement of the City of Santa Barbara’s radio communications network. Currently, the City of Santa Barbara operates a web of 11 sites that require parts not supported by the manufacturer for 15 years. The new system will allow each site to operate independently and is expected to reduce communication failures due to natural disasters

$963,000 to expand UC Santa Barbara’s SciTrek program. The SciTrek program allows Central Coast students, from second graders to high school seniors, to see the scientific process through presented practical modules managed by the university

“We are honored to be selected for Congressional Community Funding to support SciTrek. Our program provides authentic, hands-on, inquiry-based science experiences in the classroom for K-12 students,” detailed Dr. Darby Feldwinn, Dr. Norbert Reich, and Dr. Vanessa Woods of the SciTrek Leadership Team. “We provide students with mentorship from college students to provide voice and choice in their experimentation and exploration of scientific phenomena. Our program has positive effects on student’s interest in science, and in their understanding of how science works.”

$959,752 for storm drainage improvement construction projects in Santa Maria including new stormwater piping installations across the city limits.

$773,870 to purchase a new digester for the Goleta Sanitation District. The new digester will increase treatment capacity, lower electrical costs, and decrease greenhouse emissions. Additionally, the excess energy generated by the digester may be sold back to the local grid

“The new digester will serve the residents Goleta Valley for decades into the future, increasing the production of biogas, a renewable fuel, for onsite power generation which reduces greenhouse gases and promotes long-term sustainability,” explained Steve Wagner, General Manager of the Goleta Sanitary District.

$728,000 for public safety upgrades for the City of Lompoc. Funds will used to replace the 20-year-old Records Management System for the Lompoc Police Department

San Luis Obispo County:

$2 million to replace San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office radio dispatch system. The current software support system is set to expire in September of this year

“This federal funding will support $2 million of a $10 million phased technology investment that will provide for safe, secure, and interoperable public safety communications for the Central Coast,” explain acting County Administrative Officer Rebecca Campbell.

$1 million for the Oceano Community Services District Water Resources Reliability Program. Funding is allocated to improve groundwater reliability through waterline improvements

$850,000 to complete 1.2 miles of trail for segments six and seven of the Edna Valley Trail. This trail is part of the 1,200-mile Juan Batista de Anza National Historic Trail that runs from Nogales, Arizona to San Francisco to commemorate the expedition led by Lt. Col. de Anza to settle Alta California

$543,000 for public safety improvements in the City of Grover Beach. Funds will supplement the purchase of new safety cameras, license plate readers, and in-vehicle recorders for patrol units

“This substantial award enables us to further enhance pivotal public safety technology across Grover Beach, allowing for the expansion of cutting-edge license plate reader cameras, community camera systems, patrol vehicle cameras, and state-of-the-art police handheld radios,” stated Chief of Police John Peters with the Grover Beach Police Department. “Our commitment to bolstering the safety and security of our community is further strengthened by these technological advancements.”

$500,000 for replace the Charles Street reservoir in Pismo Beach. The Pismo Beach 2020 Water Master Plan identified the Charles Street reservoir as a notable piece of aging infrastructure that is deficient in seismic standards as well as storage capacity

Ventura County:

$1,666,279 to expand the Ventura County Family Justice Center. Funds are planned for an expansion of 17 additional rooms for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors fleeing a dangerous situation. The program, which began in March of 2019 has served over 2,000 Ventura County residents a year detail Ventura County District Attorney’s Office

$1 million to the City of Ventura to create a new child development center and community spaces at the Westview Village housing project. The federally-funded housing project is expected to construct 320 units

“The heart of our Westview II affordable housing development is our community room with commercial kitchen and two childcare rooms and associated outdoor playground,” expalined Jeffrey Lambert, CEO of the Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura. “We are so grateful to receive these critical funds to ensure we can deliver these critical family supportive services to our residents and the entire Westview Villages community.” 

$500,000 for the City of Ventura’s section of the State Water Interconnection Project. Funding is dedicated to a four-mile portion of a seven-mile pipeline that will transport water between the Calleguas Municipal Water District and the City of Ventura’s water distribution network

Ventura Mayor Joe Schroeder stated, “The City of Ventura is honored and grateful to hear the news of receiving $500,000 in federal funding for Ventura’s State Water Interconnect Project. This significant boost is a game-changer for our city and the stability of our locally sourced water supply. It’s a step forward in securing a sustainable and resilient future for our community.”

$959,752 for the City of Oxnard Water Pipeline Replacement Project. Funding will supplement the replacement of cast iron water pipes in the Kamala Park neighborhood

$959,752 for the Santa Paula Mesa Tanks Replacement Project. The City of Santa Paula is replacing old steel water tanks with concrete reinforced tanks that will also add storage to support local agriculture and fire-fighting capabilities detail Senator Padilla’s Office

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