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PISMO BEACH, Calif. – To celebrate the launch of their new cleaner-burning Super Briquettes, The Good Charcoal Company sponsored a free BBQ event in March of this year in Pismo Beach.

Since launching its first product in 2020, the company has partnered with local communities to provide over 40,000 free meals of its award-winning BBQ detailed The Good Charcoal in a press release.

In addition to providing free meals to communities in need, the company also promoted its newest line of chemical-free hardwood lump charcoal briquettes.

“We are excited to launch a greener briquettes alternative on the market just in time for BBQ season,”
said Ben Jablonski, Chief Executive Officer of The Good Charcoal. “Our offering is made with all-natural
ingredients to ensure we are providing buyers with a safe, chemical-free charcoal for family meals. Our
charcoal also burns hotter so consumers will need less – and ultimately, save more.”

The Good Charcoal’s Super Briquettes are derived from Acacia bushes in Namibia and South Africa, which threaten natural grasslands in the region and burn hotter and more evenly compared to traditionally used oak and hickory explain the company.

According to The Good Charcoal, this past year’s charcoal production will have restored 40,000 acres of grassland in the southern Africa region.

Super Briquettes can be purchased in-store at select Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, Kroger, and independent retailers. More information can be found about The Good Charcoal and its products here.

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