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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – CenCal Health, the Medi-Cal health plan for over 240,000 people in both Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, announced the publication of its annual community report.

The report provided program and initiative overviews toward increased access to health care and included four priorities linked to the company’s 2023-2025 Strategic Plan.

CenCal Health’s first initiative is to aid underserved patients experiencing conditions such as homelessness and addiction through the California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM) program.

The successful implementation of the program reached over $317,000 for housing deposit aid, 5,974 days of post-care for unhoused patients, nearly 15,000 meals for nutritional wellness and over 15,000 hours for what the initiative described as Enhanced Care Management.

Alongside the California Department of Health Care Services (DCHS), CalAim will continue to aid those underserved communities.

Cultivating community partnerships is the next step in the company’s health care plan, increasing access to Sobering Centers as part of this task.

Sobering Centers serve as establishments where individuals have resources to recover from alcohol and drug use effects.

CenCal Health reported these establishments as the most used CalAIM services as nearly 500 members visited for related services for long-term support.

Advancing quality and health equity for all is the next step in CenCal Health’s goals through their annual report.

The program’s Quality Care Incentive Program reported the provision of $27 million across the Central Coast to ensure the best medical services and preventative treatments available.

Organization for impact and effectiveness is the final objective for the CenCal Health plan as the annual report detailed the plan’s monetary impact.

The report detailed that $85 million went to local economies, $35.5 million went to primary care providers, $0.91 per $1 went toward medical benefits and services and $5.9 million in investments went to CalAim services for aid.

CenCal Health CEO Marina owen spoke about the plan’s overall success one year into the overall initiative.

“Together with our partners, CenCal Health is now one year into carrying out the transformative priorities of our Strategic Plan,” said Owen. “As a tribute to the efforts of so many, we have dedicated this Community Report to highlighting the collaborative accomplishments essential to improving the well-being of our members. I am confident we will reach new heights through local innovation and build healthier communities.”

More detailed information about the CenCal Health plan, its providers and community partners can be found in the full report at the organization’s website.

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