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CENTRAL COAST, Calif. – Over 3,000 Californians submitted names for their district snowplows in a contest held by Caltrans.

The Central Coast’s District 5 snowplow earned a Yeti Redi nickname thanks to Elizabeth Jackson who will receive a $50 gift card alongside the 10 other district winners.

Other winning names across districts included the following:

District 1 (Eureka): The Big LePlowski submitted by Ryan Rafferty.

District 2 (Redding): The Big LePlowski submitted by Scott Anderson.

District 3 (Sacramento): Scoop submitted by Christopher Torpie.

District 4 (Bay Area): Snowtorious B.I.G. submitted by Scott Johnson

District 6 (Fresno/Bakersfield): Sir-Plows-A-Lot submitted by Thaddeus Ashford

District 7 (Los Angeles): The Big LePlowski submitted by Shiree Swenson.

District 8 (San Bernardino/Riverside): Buzz Iceclear submitted by Kendra Sweeney.

District 9 (Eastern Sierra): Pepe Le Plow submitted by Lina Martensson.

District 10 (Stockton): Plowzilla submitted by [Angel Eldred].

District 11 (San Diego): Darth Blader submitted by Jacob Stanley.

District 4’s Snowtorious B.I.G. nickname earned Johnson an additional grand prize of another gift card worth $100.

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