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SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (SLO) announced its Cleared For Success (CFS) program to help STEM students pursue careers in cybersecurity public service and national defense.

Cal Poly SLO’s CFS program hosted by the California Cybersecurity Institute (CCI) hopes to reinforce its “Learn by Doing” motto through assistance in the field of cybersecurity.

Students from the Noyce School and Applied Computing in the College of Engineering (CENG) will learn foundational security concepts and be provided networking opportunities with field professionals.

Security clearances and certifications will help students gain the necessary credentials to succeed in the industry, a gap the CFS program hopes to bridge for graduates who might be hesitant to join the field.

The rapidly growing industry demands more professionals and companies will benefit from students filling those roles with help from the CFS program.

“This partnership is a unique opportunity for the university and a watershed moment for experiential learning,” said Cal Poly President Jeffrey D. Armstrong. “The cutting-edge work students will engage in will redefine the landscape and has the potential to attract new investment that will accelerate the speed of innovation at the state and national levels.”

For more information about the CFS program, visit its website, or to donate to the program visit the Cal Poly Giving website.

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